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Jeep is a brand that will always have an audience, both in America and abroad, and it carries a lot of the load for FCA. Much of that success is from annual top-sellers like the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee, but there’s also some very cool special editions that come out -- including the 2017 Jeep Renegade Desert Hawk, which I recent had a chance to test out.


The Renegade comes in many trim levels, including the off-road friendly Trailhawk. The Desert Hawk is basically a limited edition of the Trailhawk with a very cool look that’s all its own. As with most Jeeps, the trail-rated Desert Hawk is aimed at those who like to hit the road where the road ends

Visually the Renegade Desert Hawk is one of the most attractive vehicles I’ve seen all year. It starts with a strong paint scheme (Mojave Sand), then up front it features the bold Jeep grille and a unique headlamp design, going up to the hood and its huge but not gaudy map decal design. It’s not a stretch to say that when driving a Desert Hawk, no vehicle on the road will look quite like yours.

Other colors are offered on the Desert Hawk (gray, white, green), but the Mojave Sand is easily the best-looking option.


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