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Special editions are often a topic of debate among automotive aficionados -- some see them as gimmicky and unnecessary, but others applaud the diversity of models that they bring.

One particular trick that you see automakers pull out from time to time is the all-black look, and that’s what Hyundai did for its “Night” edition of the 2017 Tucson, which I recently spent some time in.

So what’s the verdict? Read on for the details.


As you might guess from its name, the Hyundai Tucson Night is black all around. That includes the exterior (Black Noir Pearl to be exact, a particularly striking shade of black), its 19-inch alloy wheels and their black finish, and black interior seating.

Put me in the camp of loving these special editions, especially when they come together this well. The Tucson Night looks super sharp, by any measure. It’s got an almost aggressive look to it, which fits well with the paint scheme.


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